Thursday, November 01, 2018

Canon CIS Business Platform

PRNewswire: Canon USA reminds that it is now offering select CMOS sensor products for sale to the industrial market. "For several decades, Canon has been a leader in developing and manufacturing advanced CMOS sensors with state-of-the-art technologies, which until now, were for exclusive use in Canon products," said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO, Canon USA, Inc. "It was a natural evolution to expand into a new business platform that leverages our expertise in sensor manufacturing to target the growing market demands for high-quality industrial imaging solutions."

Canon sensors include:

3U5MGXS Sensor - with an electronic global shutter, and an all pixel progressive reading at 120fps, the Canon 3U5MGXS CMOS 5MP sensor features a low power consumption of 500mW. The 3U5MGXS is now available.

35MMFHDXSCA Sensor - featuring an large 19um pixel pitch, the 35MMFHDXSCA uses new pixel and readout circuitry technologies that deliver a 2.76MP resolution. The 35MMFHDXSCA is now available.

120MXS Sensor - by incorporating close to the same number of pixels as photoreceptors in the human eye, the 120MXS CMOS sensor delivers 120 MP resolution at 9.4fps in an APS-H format. This sensor targets the needs of the inspection, aerial mapping, life sciences, digital archiving and transportation industries and is available now.

2U250MRXS Sensor – with a readout speed of 1.25 billion pixels per second, the prototype 2U250MRXS CMOS sensor, delivers 250MP resolution in an APS-H format. No more information about this sensor is available.


  1. After all, Canon has used own obsolete process line and second hand semiconductor tools, then their pixel size and KPI is not competitive.

  2. with what arguments do they sell the 5M sensor for example vs. IMX250? price? Why would I prefer to use a 3U5MGXS over a IMX250 in an automation application? What apart from price can you imagine? I doubt they can beat the Pregius line in image quality.


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