Sunday, December 07, 2008

Advasense on Pixel Size Shrink

One more interesting presentation from Itertech-Pira Image Sensors 2008 Conference is Advasense one. Here is how Advasense sees the pixel size shrink progress with respect to full well:

Advasense's solution of diminishing full well problem is using its own Feedback Controlled Pixel - FCP. Here is the explanation why FCP has higher full well:

And here is one more comparison of deep photodiode full well with shallow photodiode:


  1. Well done. Promising technology.

  2. I am curious that how many photons 1.4um*1.4um area could get. What about the QE?

  3. In good daylight 1.4um pixel can get up to 100K photons at 10ms exposure. There is no QE number in the presentation, as far as I can see.

  4. In this case... did you experience the LAG ?
    Higher sidewall FW contribution can make the serious LAG issue. so... I worried about that.

  5. Advasense presentation specifically says that its feedback control scheme ensures lag-free operation despite the lack of charge transfer.


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