Monday, August 17, 2009

Presentations Galore

Suss MicroTec published its "Wafer Level Cameras - Novel Fabrication and Packaging Technologies" presentation from Image Sensor Workshop 2009. There are more publications on wafer level camera and 3D integration technologies.

Meanwhile DALSA too published its three IISW'09 papers at the company's research papers page:

Flexible binning structure for CCD color imagers
Very-low Dark Current in FF-CCDs
A wafer-scale CMOS APS imager for medical X-ray applications

Edoardo Charbon from EPFL/TU Delft published his recent 95-page presentation on "Single-Photon Imaging in CMOSingle-Photon Imaging in CMOS" - very nice presentation.

On the marketing side, Panasonic presents its roadmap of CCD sensors:

The company is planning 18MP consumer CCDs for 2010 and 16MP for 2009 - too incremental steps, if you ask me.

Panasonic also presents UniPhier, which stands for "Universal Platform for High quality Image Enhancement Revolution". UniPhier is ISP HW block to be integrated onto various Panasonic SoCs, from mobile phones to camcorders to home entertainment to car AV to security cameras. Its software library covers everything one can think of - from ancient GSM voice codecs to H.264 video (no JPEG2000, though).

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