Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eric Fossum Left Siimpel

Eric Fossum writes in dpreview forums: "I am hoping to get back to R&D soon. I finished my CEO assignment at Siimpel..." So CEO leaves Siimpel at the very moment when its first product reaches the market. It seems there is an interesting story behind this.


  1. When the founders, friends from JPL, asked me to "unretire" to lead the company (then SiWave) I told them that I would do it for 2 years and by then they should have learned enough to run things themselves. After 2-1/2 years they felt ready to handle it themselves. Not so interesting.

    I am satisfied to have found a product focus for the company, raised over $25M in financing, grew the company from a 20 person R&D company to a 110+ person product company, and left it heavily engaged with several tier 1 handset manufacturing partners. I believe Siimpel has a bright future and am glad to have been able to make a difference.

    It was a little like Photobit deja vu, all over again. :)

    -Eric Fossum

  2. Eric,

    Thank you for telling us the story. I've seen managers claiming they have come for a predermined time only, then leave. However, none of them has left their companies after that time expired. You must be a rare exception in the industry.


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