Rules for Submitting a Job Posting

Image Sensors World (ISW) blog offers a job listing service to the image sensor community.  They are selected entirely by ISW personnel based on relevance to our readers. ISW never receives compensation for these and makes no recommendations of any kind on the jobs or their sponsors. The jobs stay on the blog as long as all other posts.

To minimize the investment of time by our readers, we have established the following rules:

1. All listing requests must be submitted to If the listing information is publicly available on the employer's website, we can view the information there if a link is provided.

2. Requests must provide or link to at least the following information:

a.       Job Title

b.       Employing organization (not agencies or recruiters)

c.       Location of work

d.       Job description

e.       Qualifications list

f.        Method to contact requestor

g.   Other information to help potential applicants qualify themselves (like citizenship or clearance requirements)      

We do not require or post salary or benefit information.

3. All listing requests must include contact information for person who can confirm the contents of the listing.  This person may be a company employee or a recruiter. All listings will be confirmed before posting. We do not accept listings from aggregators or agencies unless they include contact information for the underlying employer.

4. All listings must be in English.  ISW will announce the availability of the jobs by company, title, location and link. Jobs description and requirements details will not be published.

5. LISW reserves the right to refuse any listing request. Listings for all positions involving research, development, manufacture, marketing, sales and use of image sensors are welcome. We also welcome requests from academia for faculty, post-doc and lab positions, from governments for program and research positions and from any other organization needing anyone with expertise in conceiving, designing, fabricating, testing or using image sensors. Generally, listings for positions in ancillary industries such as camera optics or systems integration or general-purpose imaging software will not be accepted.

6. After approval, listings will be published in a single blog post containing only the information from jobs from the requesting employer.  These listings are not mixed in with the weekly listings we compile from the Internet.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Gilblom at Feel free to forward this post to your human resources department or to provide us with information on relevant openings in your organization.