Tuesday, June 10, 2008

e2v Announces 80% QE CMOS Sensor Technology

e2v has developed a new, high QE (>80%), CMOS sensor technology. The new custom sensors generation also features a low-noise, full-frame global shuttering scheme.

This technology is particularly suited to performance-driven markets, such as surveillance, homeland security, Automotive Driver Active Safety (ADAS) applications, industrial machine vision including barcode reading, professional DSLRs and broadcast/cinematography cameras and deep UV inspection systems for the semiconductor industry.

Further improvements in signal to noise ratio in the global shutter architecture are planned for future standard products built on the high sensitivity platform.


  1. You have to wonder when a company cannot spell "Complementary" correctly in a technical press release...unless perhaps their MOS image sensors are free! :)


  2. Do not worry too much and just let us know if you obtained free products: may be there is a major emerging market for it? Actually you get one complimentary sensor (for every million sold?!)
    Thanks for spotting this spelling error.



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