Monday, December 02, 2013

Sony Announces 2.35MP CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter

Sony announces 2.35MP, 5.86um Global Shutter pixel sensors for industrial applications, IMX174LLJ (B&W) and IMX174LQJ (color). The new 1/1.2-inch sensors feature a speed of 164.5fps (10b resolution) or 128.2fps (12b resolution) and a ROI mode to set at a maximum of 16 areas inside the effective pixels and output cropped partial pictures:

The sensors support HDR mode by combining two different exposed frames internally and outputting just one HDR frame. Sony publishes a Youtube video showing its newly developed global shutter pixels in action:


  1. Since CIS outperfoms CCD, global shutter function is a must, in particular small pixel.
    This is my job, though. (^^)

  2. Do they use pinned storage node in charge domain like the one used by Aptina?

  3. Wow, that is about 4 years after CMOSIS' CMV2000 sensor. The Sony sensor needs a larger pixel, not yet half the speed of CMV, no mention of shutter efficiency nor noise...

  4. But they have 1um pixel sensors at more than 20Mpixels, where is CMOSIS?

  5. Its pity that shutter efficiency is not mentioned. But from video I have some doubts. Even for global shutter case, I have impression that blades of fan change in size depending on position in image. And on left bottom particularly on white blade sometimes pretailing ghost image is visible. Or is it artifact from HDR mode or compression?


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