Monday, February 02, 2015

Samsung Presents Organic-on-Si CMOS Sensors

Nature piblishes an open-access Samsung paper "Organic-on-silicon complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor colour image sensors" by Seon-Jeong Lim, Dong-Seok Leem, Kyung-Bae Park, Kyu-Sik Kim, Sangchul Sul, Kyoungwon Na, Gae Hwang Lee, Chul-Joon Heo, Kwang-Hee Lee, Xavier Bulliard, Ryu-Ichi Satoh, Tadao Yagi, Takkyun Ro, Dongmo Im, Jungkyu Jung, Myungwon Lee, Tae-Yon Lee, Moon Gyu Han, Yong Wan Jin, and Sangyoon Lee. The company proposes superposing an organic photodiode (OPD) onto a CMOS circuit with Si photodiodes, which is said to double the light-input surface area of each pixel:

A G OPD is placed on top of the B and R color filters.
The G OPD detects the amount of G light, after which
the underlying Si PDs selectively detect the amounts
of B and R light through the B and R color filters,

Samsung publishes properties of its green OPD layer:

The dark current is fairly independent of temperature:

The paper concludes with a picture from 5MP Organic-on-Si imager:


  1. One step closer to full colour capture, excellent work! :)

  2. The supplementary file has more information, for example:

    1,4µm pixel pitch
    Green linear FWC 8000e (!)
    Frame rate 16,67fps

  3. The concept has disclosed by Sony on US20130027593 and US8817147


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