Friday, August 24, 2007

Micron 1.75um Pixel Reverse Engineering

For the first time Chipworks openly publishes poly and diffusion-level picture of Micron's 1.75um pixel:

This is the old pixel from MT9E001 8MP sensor. It mostly inherits the first generation 2.2um layout, just shrinked down a little. More recent Micron pixels are supposed to improve its symmetry.


  1. It is different they have shallow trench isolation in the vertical direction between diode

  2. Thank you for the information. Are the transfer gates and diffusions still shared in the second generation pixel?

  3. I did not see the second generation. Only the 2.2um pixel from MT9T012.

    I also have heard that is supposed to be more symmetrical ( at the IISW2007)

  4. Yes, in 2.2um pixels Micron significantly improved symmetry in their 2nd generation.
    I expect reverse engineering of the 1.75um 2nd generation pixels to appear soon. We'll see what they were able to achieve.


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