Saturday, August 11, 2007

More on ProMOS Plans

Taipei Times: ProMOS expects to start supplying CMOS sensors for customers on a contract basis in the first quarter of next year at the earliest, Ben Tseng, spokesman for PROMOS, said.

ProMOS plans to make CMOS sensors at an old 12-inch (300mm) plant in Hsinchu, Tseng said, joining bigger local rivals such as Powerchip in making products other than DRAM chips at less cost-competitive factories.

He declined to reveal the amount of additional investment needed to upgrade the facility to accommodate CMOS sensor production.


  1. do they plan to ofer complete (CIS) products ? or CIS foundary services for CIS design cpmpanies ?

  2. From what has been published so far, I got an impression it's still under discussion in ProMOS. They probably understand that filling a 300mm fab with image sensors takes time, so they need partners in one form or another. Thus they are talking with STMicro and, may be, with others to become their foundry.


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