Tuesday, December 25, 2007

e-Phocus Starts Up

e-Phocus develops Photoconductor on Active Pixel (POAP) technology. The technology is based on coating of a CMOS chip with a photoconductive layer.

e-Phocus’ image sensors are claimed to deliver an unprecedented price/performance ratio. It can provide the lowest cost for the required performance. I dont know why the cost would be lower if it still uses CMOS processing, but it's an interesting claim. Up to now I havn't seen an image sensor startup claiming to become the cost leader.

The initial products are targeted to cell phone cameras and high resolution digital cameras (up to 40MP). So far the company is hosted by Trex Enterprises technology incubator.


  1. It has been very quiet around this startup and POAP technology.
    Anybody heard something?

  2. I was told that the company has been shut down two years ago or so.


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