Friday, December 21, 2007

Micron Quarterly Conference Call

Yahoo: Micron reports that sales of CMOS image sensors in the Q1 of fiscal 2008 increased approximately 15 percent compared to the previous quarter as a result of a higher level of unit sales.

Seeking Alpha
: Micron managed to keep ASP relatively flat as it migrates the business towards higher pixel densities.

Regarding the imaging business spin-off Steve Appletone says:

"With respect to imaging, as I said the last time, we don’t have any plans to change manufacturing the product. We’ve been looking at ways -- really, is there some other partnership that’s a better way to take that product to market after it’s been produced, so to speak, and we’re just still in the middle of trying to work through that and figure out what the best path is."

In terms of product mix, just over half of the unit shipments were 2-megapixel and above, and by definition just under half were at 1-megapixel and below.

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