Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Minatec Image Sensors Forum

It was brought to my attention that Grenoble Minatec Crossroads 2008 conference has quite a good Minalogic image sensors workshop.
Just a few good presentations out of many:

CMOS Image sensor for Mobile Phone camera : past and trends
J.-L. Jaffard, STMicroelectronics

Imager process evolution and benchmark
E. Mazaleyrat, STMicroelectronics

Adaptative multi-resolution for low power image sensor

TSV technology for image sensors
J. Michailos, STMicroelectronics

Liquid lens for miniature camera application

Design and evaluation of TDI operation of CMOS sensor for industrial imaging applications
H. Bugnet, e2V

New Image sensor color filters materials deposited by MOCVD
S. Guerroudj, LMGP/STMicroelectronics

Thanks to A.T. for pointing me to this.


  1. These look like advertisements that you have to pay to listen to.

  2. My intention is to collect image sensor-related news, events and conferences, all in one place. In that sense any post in this blog might look like advertisement. However, I'm not paid for that, neither I have time to scan througth all the newslines in the world. So if you have something interesting to tell about your company or some obscure event, please send me an email and I'll post it too.

  3. No this is no paid something. Registration is even for FREE !
    According to the website information, Minatec wants to show their technology and achievements to the whole wide world.
    Albert T.

  4. This kind of information is really useful for me. Thanks for posting!

  5. I truly agree ... these information are undoubtly very useful to all the image sensor community, worldwide! Thank you once again for posting.

  6. I enjoy this website so thanks for your efforts. Meanwhile, the Minatec conference, even if free, does look like a big French technology advertisement to me too.
    But, maybe there will be some good technical meat in there.

    There are a lot of companies now organizing technical conferences on image sensors for PROFIT. They target executives and marketing types, and they pay their speakers. Nothing wrong with all that, I guess. They just should not be confused with technology conferences for technologists.

    Speaking of conferences for technologists, the date and location of the 2009 IISW will be posted at shortly.



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