Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nokia Chooses Samsung Over ST for 5MP Sensors

Digitimes: Nokia opted for Samsung over ST as 2nd supplier of 5MP sensor for its camera phones, as Samsung is ahead of STMicro in pushing the products to market, according to Digitimes sources in Taiwan.

Nokia is still buying most of the low- and mid-range sensors from STMicro, while high-end comes from Omnivision and Aptina, according to the paper. Nokia's initial purchase volumes of 5MP imagers from Samsung are lower than the volumes purchased from OmniVision and Aptina.

Update: My sources tell that Omnivision supplies only low-resolution sensors to Nokia, while Aptina and Toshiba supply the high-res ones. I guess Digitimes meant that high-end phones have two cameras and Omnivision supplies sensors for the 2nd low-res camera for these high-end phones.


  1. Since CQ2 of 2006 no VGA/CIF of OmniVision get in Nokia, all low-ends now are from ST. This time it is true 5MPs of OV and Micron are jump in different product of Nokia

  2. Thank you for the info. It contradicts to my sources, but I'll try to double-check this.

  3. On the second check my sources keep telling that Nokia is not buying 5MP sensors from OVT. What's the pixel size of 5MP OVT sensor you mean?

  4. Only Nokia's ODM makers(e.g. FIH) will choose OVT due to the cost-down issue.

    The 5MP sensor came from Aptina. The modules were made by Gemany company. Konica-Minolta or Toshiba made other modules within Toshiba, and STM's sensor.

    Samsung is a new comer.


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