Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ST ToF-Assisted AF Adopted in Many Smartphones

After LG G3 smartphone has presented ST ToF sensor-assisted AF last year and G4 is following its path this year, there are few more smartphone makers adopting ST ToF solution. One of them is the recently announced Oppo R7 Plus: "With a laser focus technology to quickly capture the focal point within 0.3 seconds, a RGBW sensor that is able to shoot high-clarity photos in low-light environments <..> to capture <..> sports events."

Another recent smartphone with ST VL6180 ToF sensor is OnePlus 2: "The 2015 flagship model, OnePlus 2, relies on ST sensors for its superior camera system performance that includes an ultra-fast 0.2s “human-eye” -grade focus time and advanced optical anti-shake technology that delivers a 20% improvement in effective image resolution, as well as a 55% reduction in power consumption compared with standard optical anti-shake mobile-camera systems."

Asus Zenphone 2 Laser too features ToF sensor AF: "The brand-new laser-autofocus feature greatly reduces blurring and enhances image stabilization..."

There are few more models from LG and Asus, as well as Lenovo Vibe Shot, and Meizu MX5. There is even a rumor that the next generation Google Nexus will have the ToF AF too:


  1. poLight technology is seen in more and more products now.

  2. I don't think any of these phones got poLight technology in.

  3. This does not make any sense. ST VL6180 has a range of up to 10 cm ...

    1. See the official ST PR linked in the post.

    2. I think that first iteration of VL6180 has been designed to provide a working range limited to 10cm. As for any technology the performance can be improved in the next generations...


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