Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ON Semi Unveils MARS Platform

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces the Modular Automotive Reference System (MARS) that gives a ready-to-use camera for research and development activities. The MARS platform enables users to reconfigure cameras with different lenses, image sensors, ISPs and communications options for rapid prototyping and experimentation. The system can be used for the full spectrum of automotive camera applications including ADAS, surround and rear viewing systems, in-cabin cameras (for gesture recognition, driver eye monitoring, or light level inspection purposes), and autonomous driving.

MARS enables shorter design cycles, reduced engineering costs, and assists automotive design teams in the implementation of imaging systems by providing them with a unique mix-and-match solution. Through it, various items of hardware can be combined in a robust and highly adaptable system with a compact form-factor. Due to the many different boards available, engineers have access to ON Semiconductor’s broad portfolio of image sensors and co-processors, plus various automotive communications protocols from a select group of third party supply partners.

Update: The company has published a Youtube video explaining MARS platform features:


  1. This Makes Automotive customers more happy because of their modular Approach.

  2. There aremany combinations of sensor, ISP etc this modular is approach makes sense.

  3. Amazing! This platform was actually released around three years ago. The modularity is great, but the form factor is huge for automotive. Either this was a new discovery for someone at ON (new to automotive since they lost people to Sony recently and had to repopulate), or a slow news period for them, or a combination of both.

  4. This is a prototyping platform. Meant to replace the eval-kits, which are a real pain to install in car ...


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