Friday, March 10, 2017

ON Semi Analyst Day

ON Semi conducts a financial analyst day today. Here are few slides from the image sensor group presented by the company SVP Taner Ozcelik:

On AR/VR market, ON Semi GS sensors are used in Facebook Oculus products, two sensors in each headset. DJI uses ON Semi image sensors in its drones.

A market forecast shows that, starting 2018-2019, ADAS cameras are to become the largest slice of the automotive imaging market:

Here is the interesting data on automotive image sensor market shares, with Toshiba separated from Sony for some reason:

Sony is said to be not so successful in capturing the automotive image sensors market. Mobileye and Nvidia use ON Semi image sensors in their products:

This slide explains the latest ON Semi move on radar and image sensor data fusion:

By dual sourcing, I'd guess TSMC and LFoundry/SMIC are meant:

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