Monday, July 17, 2017

Mobile Phone Food Analysis

Open-source Sensors journal publishes a paper "Smartphone-Based Food Diagnostic Technologies: A Review" by Giovanni Rateni, Paolo Dario, and Filippo Cavallo from BioRobotics Institute, Italy. Smartphone with image sensor turns to be quite a versatile platform:



  2. yes, this is a collection of analytical techniques used in the industry. What does a smartphone have to do with it? Smartphones are typically tightly optimized for consumer use, with essentially no connectivity options to things like fluidic machines, or even custom camera assemblies. And there are hundreds or thousands of models out there. Yes, if you really bend over backwards you can get something connected to a smartphone, and by the time you are done the device you used is getting replaced. Smartphones are made for people to watch videos and such. If you want to make an instrument, make an instrument. Why crawl into a tight box defined by a consumer device? Because you perceive it as free? Is there so little value in your proposition that you have to rely on a "free" platform?

  3. There is big business in consumables for assays which most of these presented analyses require. For consumer applications adding another layer of interpretation (information gathering) with smartphones is further value capture/profit for the supplier.


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