Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sony Unveils Variable-Speed Global Shutter Sensor

Sony publishes a flyer of IMX428LLJ/LQJ monochrome global shutter sensor featuring "variable-speed shutter function (resolution 1 H units)":

Update: There is also a faster version IMX420LLJ/LQJ achieving 200fps at 8b resolution:


  1. please take care that the difference in max frame rate often is bound to the data rate limitation of the used interface. this is either SLVS 8ch, SLVS-EC 2lane or SLVS-EC 8lane.

  2. FD binning - Freedman-Diaconis? Is there something special in this sensor vs other common Sony CMOS sensors? (those AFAIK don't have hardware binning).


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