Friday, August 11, 2017

LG Announces Smartphone Camera with F1.6 Lens

BusinessWire: The upcoming LG V30 smartphone is said to have camera module with F#1.6 lens, said to be the brightest in smartphones. I wonder what is the effective aperture of the pixels in the sensor and whether it makes use of the so bright lens.


  1. This Video is supposedly the unedited original 'Leak Video' of the LG V30; starting at a Shot showing excellent low light video performance.

    The 'Suggested Videos' Links on the right show Videos people have repurposed for their Channel; this is the original, alleged to be the V30.

  2. Large aperture is easy and cheap to make for small sensors, but it has to be seen in context with the sensor size. This aperture increase is probably done to reduce sensor size, which likely counterweights the noise improvement.

    Regardless of sensor size a downside of large apertures are low contrast and lack of sharpness. (Not to be confused with depth of field, that's a different topic).


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