Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Basler Compares Image Sensors for Machine Vision and Industrial Applications

Basler presents EMVA 1288 measurements of the image sensors in its cameras. It's quite interesting to compare CCD with CMOS sensors and Sony with other companies in terms of QE. Qsat, Dark Noise, etc.:


  1. C'mon guys, these tables need shutter efficiency numbers for global shutter sensors.

  2. PLS isn't part of 1288 yet, is it?

    Note also that for the newer generation of global shutter sensors, the PLS is so good that it is much more difficult to quantify than the other 1288 parameters. /JB

    1. Isn't difficult to quantify, is perfectly measurable and is an important parameters for global shutter image sensors that will operate at relatively low speed.

  3. It is because it is important and measurable with reasonable accuracy and stability that it is part of a draft of the next revision of the standard but not yet good enough and tested enough to be released.


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