Tuesday, October 17, 2017

LG, Rockchip and CEVA Partner on 3D Imaging

PRNewswire: CEVA partners with LG to deliver a high-performance, low-cost smart 3D camera for consumer electronics and robotic applications.

The 3D camera module incorporates a Rockchip RK1608 coprocessor with multiple CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSPs to perform biometric face authentication, 3D reconstruction, gesture/posture tracking, obstacle detection, AR and VR.

"There is a clear demand for cost-efficient 3D camera sensor modules to enable an enriched user experience for smartphones, AR and VR devices and to provide a robust localization and mapping (SLAM) solution for robots and autonomous cars," said Shin Yun-sup, principal engineer at LG Electronics. "Through our collaboration with CEVA, we are addressing this demand with a fully-featured compact 3D module, offering exceptional performance thanks to our in-house algorithms and the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP."

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  1. They don't mention the technology, but I assume stereo.


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