Saturday, January 27, 2018

CAOS HDR Camera Presentation

AutoSens publishes a video Nabeel A. Riza, University College Cork, Ireland, presentation "CAOS Smart Camera – Enabling extreme vision for automotive scenarios"

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  1. Well a linear response doesn't mean that it can always conserve the contrast. When you do mutliple exposures, the contrast sensitivity is different with different exposure time ! When you can a certain FWC, then you cannot go beyond because you have to reduce the contrast sensitivity by reducing the integration time, so you loss the contrast sensitivity !
    A Log pixel gives this regulation automatically by using electrical and physical laws. Since this regulation is governed by electrical law, it is not always possible to program. General log processes in physics are mostly related to kT/q, so the signal amplitude is low. This means that a log image sensor is much more challenging in low noise design than that in a traditional CMOS sensor. But when this challenge can be resolved, a log pixel should be the most universal design for most of vision based applications. All the creatures in this world work with log pixel in their eyes even though there is large varity of optical, functional specialization.

    -yang ni


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