Friday, January 26, 2018

ST Reports 2017 Earnings, Sets 2018 Priorities

SeekingAlpha: ST reports its 2017 earnings, including the imaging business:

"In Imaging, 2017 was a year of continued success as revenue grew triple digit year-over-year. Our proprietary time-of-flight technology gained traction and we released our third generation of laser ranging sensors. Also our specialized 3D sensing technology ramped in volume for a major customer and we also won designs for depth sensing time-of-flight solution to support assisted driving with a tier-1 automotive supplier, certainly a priority for us.

...We also successfully ramped up an important time-of-flight product and specialized imaging sensor, addressing a 3D sensing application for a major customer. For 2018, we are focused on the further development of our next generation of imaging technologies. We will launch a new Single Photon Avalanche Diode, SPAD, in 40-nanometer technology, enabling a step change in performance of time-of-flight application. We will also secure the following generation with a 3D SPAD, further boosting the performance, scalability and enabling higher resolution time-of-flight sensors.

This is key for multiple markets from 3D sensing to LIDAR. We are also developing our next generation of global shutter technologies with significant performance improvements in near infrared light detection, as well as our Q2 [ph] image sensor with backlight and 3D integration for visible and non-visible light application.

The outgoung ST CEO Carlo Bozotti says "I believe for the next 10 years, we see imaging becoming more and more important in the automotive and we want to be there and I think we can be there with our technologies... I believe that with our imaging technology, we can certainly contribute to the new ways of autonomous driving, the LIDARs, the three sensors."

The company's 2017 earnings presentation also sets targets for 2018:

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