Wednesday, August 29, 2018

e2v Announces Optimized Sensor for High-Speed Scanning and Barcode Reading

Teledyne e2v announces Snappy 2MP image sensor for barcode reading and other 2D scanning applications. The sensor uniquely combines full HD resolution, a 2.8μm low-noise global shutter and advanced features for fast and economic decoding, all within a small optical format. From pixel performance, to integrated real-time features, every aspect of the Snappy sensor has been optimised to enable fast and accurate scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes.

Gareth Powell, Marketing Manager at Teledyne e2v, said, “Snappy 2MP is the first in a range of innovative sensors specifically aimed at barcode reading and is designed to empower handheld, mobile or fixed readers and automatic identification cameras with better than ever performance. The new sensors feature our patented Fast-Exposure mode, which ensures that the first image frame is correctly exposed to enable the fastest possible identification and decoding by the image processing system, even in diverse or rapidly changing light conditions.


  1. I guess TPSCo is doing well these days.

  2. What a poor video. Area scanner using a laser? The laser scanning in the wrong direction at the end? A 100 FPS scanner for a rather slow supermarket checkout?

  3. What is the frame rate in HDR mode?
    When to enable the HDR mode? It seems barcode reading comes with a certain lighting condition from handheld machine.


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