Tuesday, August 07, 2018

TPSCo Pixel Offerings

TowerJazz-Panasonic publishes the parameters of pixels it offers to its customers:

1.12μm-pixel 65nm CIS Platform

Global shutter pixel offerings (* means 4 additional masks for the designated pixel)

Update: TPSCo site has been changed on August 8, 2018, and more pixels are presented now:


  1. There is an error in these tables. What is shown as global shutter pixels here is actually part of the rolling shutter table on their site. The GS pixel have much lower Qsat and also mention specs like 1/PLS.

    1. No mistake here. TPSCo site has changed since yesterday. The pixel zoo is much enhanced now, and the PLS data added. My tables came from the yesterday's vesion of the site.

  2. Does anyone know this RS CIS is FSI or BSI?


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