Monday, July 22, 2019

Rumor on 5 New Sony Full Frame Sensors

Sony E-Mount Rumors publishes what it calls "leaked datasheets" of 5 full-frame CMOS sensors: IMX311, IMX313, IMX409, IMX521, IMX554. The most unusual one is IMX311 having 45-deg angled pixels. Note that the resolution of ~12,000 x ~4,000 of square pixels does not have the same aspect ratio as the optical format 41mm x 30mm, possibly due to 45 angle:

IMX521 is a high speed sensor with quad CFA:


  1. The IMG521 is funny. Effectively 15.36 megapixels, but the readout speed shows readout modes 6 and 7, which are 9576x6388 pixels. Which makes 61 megapixels - perhaps the sensor of the A7R IV?
    But I would be surprised if the A7R iv is quad-bayer.

    1. Looks like they count the 4 same colored pixel as one. They just use different exposures for each one out of the 4 pixels and combine them in HDR mode.

    2. I meant that in normal, linear mode they read the binned quad pixel from one FD and count it as one pixel. This way, they get 15MP. In HDR mode, they do not bin pixels and read each one separately or in pairs. Then, the full frame readout counts as 30MP or 60MP.

    3. This is actually an advancement, as previous QuadBayer sensors did lack the option of reading out all pixels individually. They were either 2x2 or 2+2 binned for HDR. Also previous ones allow just two exposure times. The new sensors seems to support also different gain, which makes much more sense and less artifacts. It is unknown if the old sensor does not really support it, or we are just not told by Sony how to do it, as market separation :/

      The A7Riv is rather an IMX455.


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