Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Artilux Ge-on-Si Imager Info

Artilux kindly agreed to answer on some of my questions on their technology and progress:

Q: What is your QE vs wevelength?

A: "For QE, it is a rather smooth transition from 70%@940nm to 50%@1550nm, and we are working on further optimization at wavelengths that silicon cannot detect."

Q: What is your imager spatial resolution, pixel size, and dark current?

A: "For pitch, resolution, and Idark vs temperature, what we can disclose now is that we have been working with a few LiDAR companies to accommodate different pitch and resolution requirements, as well as the dark current vs temperature trend up to 125C. As for the consumer products, we will have a more complete product portfolio line-up over the following quarters."

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  1. Any updates on Artilux dark current and is it useful for long range ToF/Lidar applications?

    Have TSMC reported the dark current of their Ge on Si process ?



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