Monday, August 19, 2019

ON Semi Presentation on SPAD Sensors

AutoSens publishes ON Semi - Sensl presentation "The Next Generation of SPAD Arrays for Automotive LiDAR" by Wade Appelman, VP of Lidar Technology:


  1. In general a nice talk, I enjoyed it. However APD vs SiPM - I dont know what to say there. The presenter is obviously SiPM biased and good that he did not want to comment on that slide. Very very misleading comparison.

    1. Elaborate :)

    2. I would not like to openly comment more than that what I wrote already (my recommendation is definitely to omit that table comparison).
      I would like to underline that I am a big fan of SiPMs and think that those are best suitable sensors for many applications, but not for all.

  2. 905nm wins v.s. 1550 nm


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