Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kodak Q4 2007 Earnings Call

Seeking Alpha published today's Kodak conference call transcript. There was one interesting pre-announcement by Antonio Perez, Kodak CEO:

Shannon Cross - Cross Research

Okay, and then one other question with regard to CMOS because I don’t think we’ve had a lot of discussion on CMOS -- any update on where you stand on that, both with regard to internal Kodak as well as deals with say Motorola or any of the other carriers?

Antonio M. Perez

We’ll do more on February 7th but we just introduced one camera with our own CMOS in it and it is selling very well and it allowed us to go into a lower price point and keep our margins in good shape.

We have the deal with Motorola that we’ll be delivering. Motorola has to announce introductions, I cannot, but in the next six months, you should be seeing products from Motorola and our contribution.

And you will see an announcement that will come between now and the seventh, so I’m pre-announcing, which I shouldn’t be doing but I’m doing it anyway since I started, and we are going to -- we announced a series of breakthrough technologies about six months ago or something like that. Those are becoming a product and we will be announcing that that will be a product available for sale in the industry. I won’t tell you anymore but it will come in the next few days.

We are making a lot of progress. This is a long cycle business. We have very good technology, good partnerships, so I feel very well about the business but it takes time to build this business.

My guess is that Antonio means the new color pattern idea, instead of Bayer's. The idea was presented in mid June, so it fits Antonio's description. Probably Kodak is about to announce the first products based on this idea.

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