Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sony Announces FF Image Sensor

DPReview: Sony announced the development of a 35mm full size (diagonal: 43.3mm) 24.81MP high speed CMOS image sensor for DSLR cameras with pixel size 5.94um.

There are a number of technical challenges to developing full (large) size image sensors, such as the propagation delay caused by using extended power circuitry and signal lines, and the difficulty of maintaining uniform sensitivity and signal saturation across the surface of the screen.

Furthermore, because current photolithograthy systems are unable to cover the entire chip surface of 35mm full size CMOS image sensors, multiple exposures are required. This results in the difficulty of accurately controlling exposure variance and matching circuit patterns.

Sony image sensor uses a system of joining multiple exposed patterns together and advanced planarization for minimizing fluctuation. Column-parallel ADC provides full-resolution frame rate 6.3fps.

While we are at large sensors, Samsung's newly announced GX-20 DSLR uses its own manufactured 14.6MP 23.4mm x 15.6mm CMOS sensor. Another version of this sensor was designed in cooperation with Pentax and used in Pentax K-20D DSLR as well.

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