Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sensors on Electronic Imaging Conference

Electronic Imaging Conference is to be held on January 28-31, 2008. Traditionally it has quite large content on image sensors and around. Below are some of the interesting titles:
  1. Methods to extend the dynamic range of snapshot active pixel sensors, A. Darmont, Melexis Tessenderlo N.V. (Belgium)
  2. A low-noise wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor with low and high temperatures resistance, K. Mizobuchi, S. Adachi, J. Tejada, Texas Instruments Japan Ltd. (Japan); N. Akahane, S. Sugawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)
  3. A linear response 200-dB dynamic range CMOS image sensor with multiple voltage and current readout operations, N. Ide, N. Akahane, S. Sugawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)
  4. FDTD-based optical simulations methodology for CMOS image sensors pixels architecture and process optimization, F. Hirigoyen, A. Crocherie, J. M. Vaillant, Y. Cazaux, STMicroelectronics (France)
  5. Characterization of pixel defect development during digital imager lifetime, J. Leung, G. H. Chapman, J. Dudas, Simon Fraser Univ. (Canada); I. Koren, Z. Koren, Univ. of Massachusetts/Amherst
  6. Measurements of dark current in a CCD imager during light exposures, R. Widenhorn, I. Hartwig, E. Bodegom, Portland State Univ.
  7. Dark current measurements in a CMOS imager, E. Bodegom, B. Kopp, W. Porter, R. Widenhorn, Portland State Univ.
  8. Noise calculation model and analysis of high-gain readout circuits for CMOS image sensors, S. Kawahito, S. Itoh, Shizuoka Univ. (Japan)
  9. A new current mirroring integration based readout circuit design for infrared imaging sensors of MCT, G. Akbari Zadeh, Sr., M. Afshin, G. Rezai Rad, Iran Univ. of Science and Technology (Iran)
  10. Mitigating polarization effects in on-die diffractive optics for a CMOS image sensor, C. J. Thomas, R. I. Hornsey, York Univ. (Canada)
  11. A 800(H) x 600(V) high-sensitivity and high-full well capacity CMOS image sensor with active pixel readout feedback operation, W. Lee, N. Akahane, Tohoku Univ. (Japan); S. Adachi, K. Mizobuchi, Texas Instruments Japan Ltd. (Japan); S. Sugawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)
  12. An optimum design of the LOFIC CMOS image sensor for high sensitivity, low noise, and high full well capacity, N. Akahane, W. Lee, S. Sugawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)
  13. Electrical characterization of CMOS 1T charge-modulation pixel in two design configurations, A. Tournier, STMicroelectronics (France) and Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France); F. Roy, STMicroelectronics (France); G. Lu, Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France); B. Deschamps, STMicroelectronics (France)
  14. Classification of metallic impurities effect on CMOS image sensor, H. Bourdon, STMicroelectronics (France) and InESS (France); M. Zuvic, STMicroelectronics (France); A. Mesli, InESS (France); D. Dutartre, STMicroelectronics (France)
  15. CMOS image sensor with overlaid organic photoelectric conversion layers: development of layers with desirable spectral sensitivities, M. Ihama, T. Mitsui, M. Hayashi, Y. Maehara, S. Takada, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  16. Mitigation of pixel scaling effects in CMOS image sensors, C. C. Fesenmaier, P. B. Catrysse, Stanford Univ.
  17. A versatile method for optical performances characterization of off-axis CMOS pixels with microlens radial shift, J. M. Vaillant, D. Herault, E. Huss, T. Decroux, Y. Cazaux, F. Hirigoyen, N. Virollet, C. Augier, L. Dematteis, STMicroelectronics (France)
  18. Novel method of Euclidean distance calculation for bilateral filtering based on CMOS sensor noise profiles, M. Smirnov, R. Gheorghe, M. Aleksic, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Canada)
  19. Noise reduction versus spatial resolution, U. Artmann, D. Wueller, Image Engineering (Germany)
  20. Profile-based fast noise estimation and high ISO noise reduction for digital cameras, Y. Yoo, H. Wey, S. Lee, C. Kim, SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology (South Korea)
  21. Fast and accurate auto-focusing algorithm based on two defocused images using discrete cosine transform, B. Park, S. Kim, B. Kang, S. Lee, C. Kim, SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology (South Korea)
  22. An approach to improve cell-phone cameras dynamic range using a nonlinear lens correction, S. R. Goma, M. Aleksic, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Canada)
  23. Characterization, measurement, and correction of color fringing, F. Cao, F. Guichard, H. Hornung, DxO Labs. (France)
  24. Mobile camera motion blur: not just a drunkard’s walk, T. J. Cooper, P. M. Hubel, Foveon, Inc.
  25. Spectral sensitivity optimization of color image sensor considering photon shot noise, H. Kuniba, Nikon Corp. (Japan)
  26. Does resolution really increase image quality?, F. Cao, F. Guichard, H. Hornung, DxO Labs. (France)
  27. Exposure preference for digital still imaging: a psychophysical study, J. Li, H. Hwang, R. Velarde, K. Atanassov, X. Jiang, R. Hsiu, Qualcomm, Inc.
There is also a basic course "Introduction to CCD and CMOS Imaging Sensors and Applications" by James Janesick from Sarnoff for those who need it.


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