Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kodak 1.4um Pixel Sensor Appears in Camera Phones Soon

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Kodak is to start shipping samples of its 1.4um pixel 5MP sensor to prospective customers this spring, with expectations of selling large volumes later in the year. It displayed a prototype of this sensor earlier this month both during a meeting with major investors in New York City and at the 3GSM Mobile World Conference, in Barcelona, Spain.


  1. Fill in the blanks:

    Micron's image sensor process guru came from: ____________
    Omnivision's small pixel technology was then developed by: ________
    at the foundry called:________
    Which may now be supplying sensors with small pixels to:_______________

  2. So what's the point? Are you trying to say that Howard Rhodes used to work for Kodak, then for Micron and now he works for Omnivision developing pixels at TSMC?

    But what does it tell about Kodak? Does this mean that Kodak can deliver a very competitive consumer sensor now? Or it means that talented people leave Kodak to deliver products somewhere else?

  3. Anyone know where Kodak is getting these latest small pixels fabbed?

  4. Some time ago Kodak made an agreement with TSMC. So I believe it's TSMC.

  5. That's correct, TSMC is the foundry that fabricated the Kodak sensors. TSMC indeed was acknowledged at the end of the ISSCC presentation for their smooth cooperation.

    Albert T.


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