Monday, February 11, 2008

Omnivision Improves 1.75um Pixel Sensitivity

Yahoo: Omnivision announced OmniPixel3-HS architecture, which incorporates a new pixel design that doubles the sensitivity of its 1.75um OmniPixel3 architecture to 960mV/lux-second.

OmniPixel3-HS is a symmetric pixel design that eliminates color shading across the image plane. It has low stack hight and improved QE. It's claimed to have an improved low-light sensitivity and lower noise in all lighting conditions.

"Our R&D team engaged in a focused effort with technology partner TSMC to move more advanced design rules into the current 0.11-micron image technology to support this new pixel architecture," said Howard Rhodes, OmniVision's Vice President of Process Engineering. "OmniVision has systematically analyzed the performance of over 100 different pixel designs over 100 different process variations to arrive at the OmniPixel3-HS design. The result is an OmniVision proprietary image technology that doubles the sensitivity of our first generation OmniPixel3 1.75 micron pixel."

Great work, Howard and the team! I always believed in your capabilities.


  1. 100 design variations x 100 process variations...sounds more like trial and error than engineering.

  2. Actually, it's not that big number, in comparison with other companies.

  3. maybe not a big number compare to others , but still huge effort ( time and money) -> meaning, only big established companies can "play this CIS development game"

  4. True, image sensor development is a huge effort, but it's a huge pay-off as well, at least potentially.

    My impression is the only chance for start-up here is to play a different game. For example, e-Phocus is pushing thin-film photodiodes. Personally, I do not believe in this, but if successful, it would have a significant impact on the whole industry.


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