Thursday, February 07, 2008

Panasonic HDR Sensor on ISSCC 2008

CNET Crave was impressed by Panasonic HDR sensor presented on ISSCC. The 177x144 pixel image sensor that takes three frames of the same scene in rapid succession.

In one example, the first exposure lasts 1.5us, the second 150us, and the third 15ms. Extra circuitry built into the sensor records the data from the multiple exposures and uses an assortment of electronic capacitors to combine it into a single image that spans a greater dynamic range.

The image can span a dynamic range of 140db at 15fps rate.


  1. OK, so aside from the fact that this approach is older than the hills, does anyone else see a problem with the two pics? Where is the filament in the left hand pic? It should be either white, or the whole pic blown out, or I guess, if darker, it should not be white in the right hand picture.

    Perhaps I am missing something here?


  2. Yes, now when you say it, it's strange indeed.

    My guess is the filament is burried in blooming on the left picture. And they reduced white level to gray to make the left picture comparable to the right one in terms of overall brightness.


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