Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sony Announced PAL/NTSC CCDs for Security

Sony Cx-News magazine has announcement of 4 new CCDs for security cameras. Sony incrementally reduced the stack hight and changed complementary color filters, resulting in 7db sensitivity improvement. Also, the new CCDs can work with 3.3V for the horizontal clocks and the reset clock.


  1. Maybe a few extra details :
    - the 3.3 V operation only holds for the horizontal clocks and the reset clock, but will improve the power dissipation.
    - they switched to a NEW complementary filter set, for this application a complementary filter was already in use. Apparently the pigment and/or the thickness of the filters are changed to get more response in the blue.
    Interesting to read that Sony is still pushing the performance of their small-pixel CCDs !
    Albert T.

  2. Albert,

    Thank you for the correction, I fixed this in the text. Actually, looking at the color response curves, the new CCDs have bigger crosstalk in far blue and far red. This somewhat reduces the sensitivity improvement after CCM.


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