Monday, February 21, 2011

ISP News: Zoran Sold, Silicon Image Offers 64MP/3D Mobile ISP

EETimes: U.K.-based GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi maker CSR has agreed to acquire Zoran for $679M. CSR CEO Joep van Beurden, said: "Digital electronic devices are becoming increasingly connected and full of media-rich features, including the ability to stream images from your camera to your PC or video conferencing from your Smartphone. Zoran’s market leading imaging and video capabilities, combined with our own connectivity and location capabilities, make this a great opportunity for us."

Silicon Image introduced the camerIC-3D/64MP, the camera processor IP core capable of supporting 3D and up to 8Kx8K (64 megapixel) still images and video. camerIC-3D/64MP is optimized for integration into low-power video SoC application processors for mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, netbooks, DSCs and camcorders as well as video surveillance systems.

In addition to its DSC capabilities supporting up to 64MP resolution, the camerIC camera pipeline has the imaging bandwidth to support 3D 1080p resolution at up to 120fps speed or 8MP resolution at 30fps, while consuming as little as 125mW of power and needing only 30MIPS of CPU bandwidth. The camerIC-3D/64MP is said to be one of the industry’s highest performing, lowest cost and lowest power camera processors.

The 3D features include
  • Two 12-bit camera interfaces (RGB Bayer input)
  • Two parallel and two MIPI & SMIA serial input interfaces
  • Maximum input resolution up to 2x 64 Megapixel (8192 x 8192 pixel)
  • Maximum pixel rate 2x 300 megapixel/sec
  • Prepared for 1080p24 and 720p60 HDMI 1.4a 3D video output
  • Enhanced video post processing for 3D applications including left/right image adjustment


  1. So Zoran now only needs some IP for display chain and they are up for the WiFi tablet market... Funny though that Zoran couldn't stand on their own. I remember just two years ago they were claiming 70% market share in DSC:s and such.

  2. Again, again, again.. My 3CCD cam is 4D! :-D


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