Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nemotek Named “Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year”, Releases VGA Wafer Level Camera

Business Wire: Nemotek Technologie, a Morocco-based manufacturer of wafer-level cameras (WLC) and Tessera licensee, announced that it has been named "Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year" by Frost & Sullivan

"When looking at the large scope of the camera module makers, Nemotek exhibits the high entrepreneurial quality of a leader," said Rajender Thusu, a sensors and instruments analyst for Frost & Sullivan. "The company’s wafer-level camera solution delivers both universal and customized solutions for a highly acclaimed end user-experience for a variety of applications including mobile and smartphones, notebooks, medical and security. Nemotek now joins a prestigious list of organizations that have demonstrated leadership and cutting-edge innovation. It is a ‘company to watch’ and look forward to what Nemotek produces in the future."

Nemotek announces mass production of Exiguus, a VGA WLC which integrates wafer-level optics with CMOS sensors. The Exiguus H11-A1 camera offers the thinnest form factor in Nemotek’s product portfolio, featuring 1/10 of inch.


  1. Finally reading about an African image sensor company is a great way to start out an otherwise ordinary Thursday. I hope this company does well!

  2. maybe a spin-off from STM.

  3. Not a spin-off but a good movement - leaving STM

  4. Is this the Tessera-developed WLC they are building? I recall reading they were a Tessera licensee.

  5. Yes, I believe Nemotek uses Tessera WLC IP.


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