Monday, August 22, 2011

Toshiba Reveals More Details about its 1.12um BSI Pixel Sensor

Toshiba updated its web site and published more info about its new 1.12um BSI pixel-based sensor. The full sensor lineup of 2011 spans from VGA to 14MP:

Another way to look at the lineup is here, including all sensor's flyers. Talking about the T4K05 8MP 1.12um pixel sensor, its brief spec (link fixed, thanks to comments!) says that the sensor supports "WDR function which can make images or movie with high dynamic range". The sensor is able to fit into 7.5 x 7.5mm module which is quite an achievement. The frame rate is 30fps at full resolution. The DR and SNR are not stated. The chip integrates lens shading and defect pixel correction, VCM driver, temperature sensor and two PLLs (2nd one is for MIPI output).

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  1. The link "its brief spec" is pointing to 14M, 1.4um BSI sensor. Here is correct link to T4K05 flyer (8M, 1.12um BSI sensor).

    T4K05 (8M, 1.12um BSI sensor)


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