Monday, August 01, 2011

BYD Mass Produces HDR Sensors at Dongbu

Business Wire: Dongbu HiTek announced it has begun volume production of HDR CMOS sensor for BYD Microelectronics, a subsidiary of BYD, one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers of diverse products ranging from rechargeable batteries to electric automobiles. Processed at the 130nm node, BYD’s image sensors will initially target security surveillance applications, including door monitor systems.

Dongbu says that it is processing specialized chips for both X-ray and Endoscope systems as well as imaging systems that can operate in harsh automotive and industrial environments. The company says it will soon be expanding its processing portfolio for VGA and 1.3-to-3.0 MP imagers with a 5.0 MP entry.


  1. What kind of HDR sensor does BYD have?

  2. strange! BYD was known for modules. So, they are going fabless with cmos sensors!?

  3. BYD has been developing image sensors for a long time, or so I was told. The core team originates from ESS-Pictos and Biomorphic that ceased their CIS activity few years ago.

    Looking at BYD history, it started from car batteries in 2000, then expanded into electric car manufacturing. It used to manufacture mobile phone batteries, then started to make whole mobile phones. Same with camera modules - started with plastics and PCBs, now it makes image sensors.

  4. So, what resolution would it be? Is it megapixel level?


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