Thursday, September 22, 2011

DSNU Explained

Albert Theuwissen published a new post in the "How to Measure..." series. The post is devoted to Dark Signal Non Uniformity (DSNU) measurements. I really enjoyed the clear and detailed explanations of the measurement procedures and possible caveats. I think once the new series would be completed, it certainly worth to publish in a handbook form.


  1. .... once the new series would be completed ..... ???

  2. is there anything on MTF measurement please?

  3. @ "once the new series would be completed ..... ???"

    Do you imply this is an endless theme?

  4. Yes, MTF is also planned (by means of knife edge, by means of special testcharts and maybe by means of laser speckle). Sorry to tell you that this can take a while. When I was doing the blog on the PTC, I was always 2 or 3 blogs ahead with writing in relation to publishing. But that is no longer the case, I post now when the writing of a chapter is finsihed. And there are many more topics to discuss than I have time at this moment :-(


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