Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sony, Sharp Announce 2MP Sensors

Sony announces 1/2.9-inch IMX323LQN sensor with 2.8um pixels in a "compact and thin package while maintaining low illumination performance equal to that of the existing Sony product (IMX222LQJ) that improved sensitivity in the near infrared region for industrial applications."

Existing IMX222LQJ vs new IMX323LQN

Sony publishes 0.6MP comparison pictures of the older IMX222 and the new IMX323 at 0.1 lx, F1.4 (ADC 12 bit mode, 30 frame/s):

IMX222, Gain 42dB
IMX323, Gain 45dB

Sharp's new image sensor catalog presents a new 2MP 2/3-inch video sensor, RJ52N1BA0LT, available in color and B/W versions:

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