Thursday, February 02, 2017

Valeo Vision Technology Roadmap

Valeo publishes a Youtube video showing its current and future automotive vision technology:


  1. The video was presented today at Electronic Imaging by Patrick Denny in the joint session between "Image Sensors and Systems" and "Autonomous Vehicles and Machines". We had a full room.

  2. 0: 48 at the camera cleaning the sand and rock particles are deposited in a water jet to remove optics. The question is: how many seconds you are using the wipers? A few seconds must constantly clean the camera, because this is the wrong time is a basic need. So the pavement nearby optics becomes much time so scratched that the image sharpness is completely degraded, and then the wrong data in the TOF measurements of traffic navigation, and people are dying because the lens is scratched = the picture is out of focus, the factory-calibrated value will be alternative and see the optics. Thousands of people will die on roads where this technology is one of the corrupt traffic control (like the US) allow public transport.


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