Tuesday, July 10, 2018

SenseTime to Expand into Automotive Applications

South China Morning Post: Face recognition startup SenseTime announces its plans to expand in automotive applications.

Our leading algorithms for facial recognition have already proven a big success,” said SenseTime co-founder Xu Bing, “and now comes [new technologies for] autonomous driving, which enable machines to recognise images both inside and outside cars, and an augmented reality engine, integrating know-how in reading facial expressions and body movement.

SenseTime raised $620m in May caling itself world’s most valuable AI start-up, with a valuation of $4.5b. Known for providing AI-powered surveillance software for China’s police, SenseTime said it achieved profitability last year, selling AI-powered applications for smart cities, surveillance, smartphones, internet entertainment, finance, retail and other industries.

Last year, Honda announced a partnership with SenseTime for automated driving technologies.

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