Thursday, July 05, 2018

e2v Unveils 67MP APS-C Sensor with 2.5um Global Shutter Pixels

Teledyne e2v announces its Emerald 67MP CMOS image sensor. The new sensor features the smallest global shutter pixel (2.5µm) on the market, ideal for high end automated optical inspection, microscopy and surveillance.

Emerald 67M has 2.8e- of readout noise, 70% QE, and high speed, which significantly enhances production line throughput.

Vincent Richard, Marketing Manager at Teledyne e2v, said, “We are very pleased to widen our sensor portfolio with the addition of Emerald 67M, the first 8192 x 8192 global shutter sensor, running at high frame rates and offering a comprehensive set of features. Developed through close discussions with leading OEM’s in the automated optical inspection market, this new sensor offers application features such as our unique Region of Interest mode, which helps to improve customer yield. Combined with its 67M resolution, our newest Emerald sensor tackles the challenge of image instability as a result of inspection system vibration.


  1. how high is the 'high' frame rate?

    1. The number of LVDS channels is scaled similar to pixel count of the existing Emerald parts, so you can guess 60fps at 10bit full readout.

  2. The main question is: will it be available at all? E2V announced a lot of interesting products in the past. Only a small portion of them has become available to purchase...

  3. the pixel is from towerjazz, gpixel just brings a 26mp variant for cmount. so it might get available soon. it seems with the 2.5u pixel, e2v markets the large variant and gpixel cmount. with the 2.8u pixel it was emerald 16m vs gmax 0608...

  4. Huge amount of LVDS IO (72!)...system/board level complexity rises...skew-balanced routing will be a nightmare...good luck integrating this sensor!


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