Monday, July 02, 2018

Interview with Eric Fossum

LDV Capital publishes an interview with Eric Fossum:

Update: IEEE Spectrum posts that Photobit PB-100 CMOS sensor has been added to its Chip Hall of Fame: "PB-100 popularized the tech that became the way people capture photos and video."


  1. The 1999 Photobit PB-100 was used in the highly popular Intel "Easy PC" Webcam, and in Logitech webcams. Congratulations to image sensor designers Daniel Van Blerkom, Steve Huang (both at Forza Silicon these days) and Tony Chan. In my mind, the PB-100 inclusion into the IEEE Spectrum Chip Hall of Fame is really about all modern CMOS image sensors and their impact on the world. Yay for our community!

  2. According to LDV Capital, they have no idea how Vlad found the video! It will be made public before long, but it was still (thoeretically) private as they were preparing a full suite of videos from the summit. Anyway, it will be back, eventually.

    1. The video just popped up in my news alert feed. So, the right question to ask is how Google found this video.


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