Wednesday, August 22, 2018

EI 2019 Keynotes

The Image Sensors and Imaging Systems conference hosted at Electronic Imaging 2019 announces 3 keynotes:
  • "How CMOS pixels moved from standard CMOS process to semiconductor process flavors even more dedicated than CCD ever was", Martin Wäny, TechnologiesMW (Switzerland)
  • "Recent trends in the image sensor technologies", Vladimir Koifman, Analog Value Ltd (Israel) and Image Sensors World
  • "Hyperspectral imaging and the IEEE P4001 standard", Chris Durell, Labsphere inc (New Hampshire)

One can note that Martin Wäny, the founder of Awaiba, has left ams in 2017 and founded a new company TechnologiesMW.


  1. Will the key note videos be posted somewhere for those not attending?

  2. This is up to each speaker. Last year the slides of two of the four keynotes have been published but no video.


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