Sunday, February 10, 2019

Smartsens Announces 4MP 2um BSI Pixel Sensor

PRNewswire: After releasing a 4MP sensor with NIR-enhanced 3um pixels 2 months ago, Smartsens adds a similarly specked sensor with 2um pixels. Aimed to AIoT (AI+IoT) market, the new 1/3-inch SC4238 4MP BSI sensor supports a 2-exposure HDR mode with a DR up to 100dB, and has improved QE in 850nm to 940nm band.

Compared with other 1/3-inch 4MP HDR products on the market, SC4238 has an advantage of good performance in low light — SNR1 0.47 vs 1.22, which is about 2.6 times better performance than our competitor.

SC4238 is in mass production now.


  1. smaller SNR1 value means better performance?

    1. I imagine SNR1 means the lux level for an SNR of 1. So lower is better. However, NIR light does not count towards lux because we cannot see NIR light. But the sensor can see it, so it is a little misleading to use this metric. It could be possible to achieve SNR1 at zero lux when you include NIR in what the sensor sees.

  2. Smartsence is winning with biggest producers in Surveillance market! I tested their SC5035/5235 and compared it to SONY IMX335... and guess what? SC WIN! SC managed lower noise level than Sony in daylight and night working modes! I hope new 4MP - will be killing Sensors!


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