Friday, May 18, 2007

Alexima and Awaiba Join Forces

Alexima and Awaiba have been cooperating for quite a long time. Now Vision Systems Design reports that the companies have finalized a strategic agreement that will enable them to fill the void in custom image-sensor development. Aligning roadmaps, sharing intellectual property, and collaborating on product development will leverage their strengths to focus on the unique needs of individual camera manufacturers.

"There are a number of large corporations focusing on consumer-orientated image sensors while neglecting the increasing demand for specialized, tailor-fitted imagers," said Alex Krymski, founder of Alexima. "Joining forces with Awaiba will empower us to satisfy the vacuum created when companies like Photobit Technology and Fillfactory were sold."

"Our technical strength and experience allow us to offer innovative and cutting-edge imaging technology," said Martin Wäny, the inventor of the combined linear logarithmic response image sensors and founder of Awaiba. Both Wäny and Krymski were winners of the Photonics Spectra Circle of Excellence Award.

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