Tuesday, May 08, 2007

AltaSens' BitsDReam HDR Technology

Yahoo: Altasens announced availability of its technology for delivering full-rate HD video with high DR (HD-HDR = HD2R). The option is available as a programming option in all its newly introduced AltaChrome imaging SOC (iSoC) sensors. The sensors already have 12 to 14 bits output, while BitsDReam technology boosts dynamic range to 14, 16, or 20 bits, depending on the programmable setting.

Current AltaChrome sensors supporting BitsDReam HD2R readout with at least 14 bits of readout include resolutions of 2.2 (model 3372), 4.5 (5262), and 8 megapixels (8472). Slated for release starting in mid-year are sensors with additional iSoC updates that will provide for the option of reading out either linear data, with a depth of up to 28 bits, or gamma-compressed data having a more modest bit depth.

BitsDReam seamlessly maintains progressive video frame rate of at least 15 fps – even at 4.5MP resolution, as in the case of the new 1/3-inch AltaChrome 5262 sensor, targeted for consumer HD applications. Depending on the sensor model it is used with, the BitsDReam feature is either fully embedded in the iSoC or it requires some camera support to deliver full performance.

To me this sounds like a double exposure technique, similar to Toshiba WDR one. Generally speaking, I always liked Altasens technical creativity. The only problem with Altasens is that it's using old 3T pixel technology, which limits the applications and markets its sensors can penetrate.

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